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My daughter, Kristyn, received her first Gardasil shot on January 9th, 2009. Her doctor practically forced it on us and scared my daughter into getting it. My daughter was 15.

Shortly after receiving her first shot, she almost passed out while we were in Wal-Mart.

I thought it was from not eating, so I bought her a candy bar. She had a couple other times where she felt like she was going to pass out after that.

Her second shot was on March 9th, 2009, just one day after her 16th birthday. It was after the second shot that she started complaining of odd things.

Before getting the Gardasil shots, she was a healthy, happy, energetic 16 year old teenager.   After receiving the second shot, she was up all night one night with terrible leg pains in both legs. I figured it was just ‘growing pains’. Then after a few days, she was very dizzy and couldn’t walk straight. I did not realize what was going on until March 20th, 2009.

It was that Friday morning when I received an email concerning Gardasil and what it was doing to other girls. I got an email with a link to a young girl’s video on Youtube. The young girl’s name is Holly. (Her and her mother are both in a yahoo group called Let’s Talk About Gardasil that I’m a member of.) After watching that heart breaking video, I started researching and made the connection with Gardasil and my daughters’ problems.

It just so happened to be that same Friday that we ended up in the Emergency Room with my daughter. She was having leg pains in both legs, tingling in both legs, numbness in both legs and also her left arm. She had terrible weakness all over and just felt like she had no energy. She was in tears with the pain so I took her to the ER.

They did a CT scan and some blood work. They could not find anything ‘wrong’ with her but she kept saying that something was not right. The doctor advised that we not get the third Gardasil shot because she was obviously having a reaction to the vaccine.

I called her doctor’s office on Monday, March 23rd to tell them what was going on and what I had found. They said to bring her right in, so I did.

At first the doctor did not even want to discuss the link that I had found with Gardasil and the 10,000 plus reports that had been reported on VAERS. She dismissed it all and said that it couldn’t be Gardasil. I told her that there was no way that she could positively say that since this vaccine is SO new and had only been clinically tested for 5 years and not on girls from ages 9 thru 15 (that clinical study was stopped before it was concluded).

She did more blood work the next day (Tuesday, March 24th) and said it would be a week before we got the results back. I told her that all of the other girls that are sick or have died (47 deaths the last I checked), all of their tests seem to come back ‘normal’.

During this week, Kristyn got worse. She began to have back pain that went from her neck to her feet, terrible pressure in her head, involuntary muscle jerking, nausea, diarrhea, weight loss, severely tired, chest pains, rib pain, heart racing, I can’t even remember all of her symptoms.

She’s been back to the ER since then (by ambulance because of problems breathing) and has been unable to do her class work since this started. (most of the girls have had to drop out of school because they are SO sick!).

Now she is having problems with her vision and the light hurts her eyes.

I received a call from her doctor’s office telling me that she was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever. They called in Penicillin for her to take. They basically have started acting like they aren’t interested in her.

Kristyn took her full round of penicillin. During the course of the medication, she seemed to feel better. But now that the penicillin is finished, her symptoms have started coming back.

Since this diagnosis, she’s been to other doctors.  Several of them have told me that diagnosing her with Rheumatic Fever would be very hard to do just based on her blood panel results.  So I don’t know if she has/had Rheumatic Fever or not.

Oh I forgot to mention, on January 9th when she got her first Gardasil shot, they also gave her Menactra (which I did not know they were giving her). Since I started researching this I found that Merck only tested Gardasil with Hep B vaccine. The reports of these side effects are off the chart when mixed with Menactra!

Some of these girls are having grand mal seizures, paralysis, pancreatitis, all sorts of STRANGE and unusual diagnosis and symptoms. We’re talking very healthy, active (some even very athletic) girls before Gardasil…now these same girls are very sick and nobody can find out what is going on.

I have an idea of what is going on but I’m no doctor. The Gardasil shots have 225 micrograms of reactive aluminium in each shot. 1 microgram is considered to be toxic!

My daughter has been allergic to nickel since she was born.  Maybe this is why my daughter is suffering, because of the aluminium that’s in the vaccine? A lot of the other girls that are having these types of symptoms are also allergic to costume jewellery, metals, etc.  Maybe THIS is another link?

Why have the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries chosen to experiment with the first ever, large scale application of a new, unproven, genetically modified, inter-species gene mixing vaccine technology on the female youth of an entire generation?

Under the ruse of attempting to eradicate cervical cancer, Merck is actually engaged in the first large scale, real world deployment and testing of genetically modified DNA, genetically engineered proteins and genetics produced by the combining of genetic material from more than one origin or species in a vaccine.

We just want some answers. They need to pull this vaccine off the market and do some further research! Gardasil was fast-tracked through the FDA and is now a mandatory vaccine in several states, with other states following suit.
It is an outrage what is happening to our daughters!

We have had several girls that have been interviewed by the media in several states, and some have been interviewed by their local newspapers. We are trying to get the word out as fast as we can because these doctors are dispensing this GardaHELL like candy every day…and every day that passes is that many more girls that will become very ill.

I did not know of any of this when I allowed that doctor to inject this poison into my daughter’s body. They said it was safe and that she even gave it to her own daughter.

I’ve since found out that most of the girls’ doctors that are sick said the same things to them!

One more thing…the last time we checked VAERS, there was almost 16,000 reports…that’s up from 10,000 since March 24th and they are backlogged, so that number isn’t even correct. And it’s estimated that only 1 to 10% adverse effects are even reported.

My daughter was taking a low dose birth control pill because she was having a ‘heavier than normal’ discharge.  Her doctor put her on the birth control to try and regulate this.

After she started having all of these side effects/reactions, she decided to throw the birth control in the trash.  She didn’t want anything going in her body.
Two weeks after throwing them in the trash, she got pregnant.  Now she is having to go through high risk doctors.  Her health is not good and now she is carrying a baby that could possibly be affected by the Gardasil.

Merck states that Gardasil is not recommended for pregnant women.  They have set up a registry on their site to follow women that get pregnant or are already pregnant and didn’t know it while having the Gardasil vaccine injections.  There are reports of spontaneous abortions and fetal abnormalities in women that were injected with Gardasil.

So not only are we dealing with all of the symptoms that Kristyn has… we are also worried about the baby.

I’m just sick of trying to talk to doctors about the links to Gardasil and hearing ‘it’s not the Gardasil’.  How can they be so certain?  This vaccine is NEW and was only tested for 5 years.  It would just be nice to finally find a doctor that would really look into this!  The doctors just seem to not want to deal with any of us if we even mention Gardasil to them!

I just want my healthy, happy and energetic teenage daughter back!!
Please educate before you vaccinate with the HPV vaccine Gardasil!
Gardasil is hurting and killing our beautiful daughters all over the globe!
My 16 year old daughter is one that has been hurt by getting vaccinated.  And I did not know the dangers beforehand.
Please get informed first!  I wish I had!


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Hi, my name is Nicole and I am 22 yrs old.  I was graduating from college in 2007 and would no longer be covered under my dad’s insurance at the end of the year.  My dad told me about the Gardasil vaccine and thought it would be a good idea for me to get it before I lost my insurance.

I had my first shot on August 13th of 2007.  I felt fine after receiving it and had no side effects…yet. The one thing I did notice is that it left a little mark on my arm, almost like an ink dot.

On September 8th, 3 weeks and 5 days later, I was driving to work and had just driven onto the expressway.  The last thing I remember is looking for traffic and getting over into the left hand lane.  I started coming to when I felt the paramedics grabbing me, but I couldn’t see anything.  I asked what had happened and they told me that I had been in an accident and not to move.  I was terrified and immediately started to cry in disbelief.

I was rushed to the ER.  When my family arrived, they told me that luckily I had not been in an actual car accident.  When my dad went to get my car, he said that it was half-way parked on the median, like I had intentionally parked it there knowing that something was wrong, but I do not remember anything.  I went to the doctors and they were just calling it a syncope since no one was with me to verify what had happened.

After that everything was fine, and for the most part back to normal, but I still couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to me that day.  I was scheduled for my next vaccine on October 15th, when the nurse came in I asked her about the dot on my arm and wondered if anyone else had ended up with one after receiving their shot. She told me no and that she had never seen that before, just chuckled and said “well hopefully it doesn’t happen this time”. But after I received the second one I noticed that I had another ink dot.  I didn’t understand why that would happen, but I just brushed it off.

On November 9th, 3 wks and 4 days later, I was in my room talking to my sister on the phone, the next thing I know I am hearing my Uncle Bill say my name, but again I couldn’t see anything. I finally got my vision back and saw my Uncle Bill and paramedics standing in my room staring at me. I had no clue what was going on, I asked what had happened and they told me that I had a seizure. I didn’t want to believe it! But I guess my niece heard some weird noises coming from my room so she walked into my room to see what it was, and saw me on my bed convulsing and making a weird noise, so she called 911.

I was taken to the ER again and cried even more. I just didn’t get what was going on, I had never had serious health problems, so why now?  I started thinking back to the incident in my car, and calculated the days. It just seemed a little strange that 3 weeks and some odd days after receiving these vaccines I had these 2 episodes.

After the second seizure, I had tons of tests done and everything came back normal, so I was really confused. Now I am on medication and have to see a neurologist, and I am uninsured, so my dad has been paying out of pocket to pay for my visits, but luckily I was able to get assistance for my medication and no longer have to pay for that, and believe me it is not cheap.

After all of this I had nothing else happen, so I was thinking that I was in the clear, but then on Easter of this year I had another seizure, but it only lasted a minute or so, which is very short compared to my other two.

This whole experience has been very hard on me and my whole family, and I still cry about this a lot. It just makes me feel like I will never be the same person that I was before all of this, the healthy woman with so much ahead of her. But it is sad to say that I am one of the luckier ones compared to some other stories I have read, especially those of younger girls.

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I think my daughter may be having a reaction to the Gardasil shots.

Before she started her series of shots my 17 year old daughter was a very outgoing young girl. She attends the local high school along with taking 3 classes at the community college. She is on the swim team, she is an editor for the yearbook, and she is the president of the drama club. And in her spare time when she gets bored she writes a book. She has managed all this in spite of the fact that she is Dyslexic.

She had her first shot in October 08 and sometime after the shot she was complaining of headaches and stomach aches but I dismissed it as stress because of all her activities at school and getting ready for midterm exams.

On 12/22/08 she had her second shot and the complaints increased along with sudden periods of extreme nausea. On 12/29/08 I watched my daughter fall to the ground and have convulsions in front of me as we tried to take our Christmas tree out of our house. It did not last long but it sure did scare me. She has no family or personal history of seizers. My husband and I took her to the local ER and after around 8 hours of tests, the Dr. in the ER told me not to worry about it because healthy young 17year olds do not just start having seizers. They told me she was perfectly healthy and wrote it up as a fainting spell.

After the seizure the headaches became almost constant and her stomach always hurt. When Christmas break was over she was unable to make it to school because she felt so bad. I kept trying to push her back to school. She called me from the school clinic in tears and I took her to her family Dr. By this point my daughter was also complaining of blood in her stool. The doctor ordered an EEG and MRI because of the seizure and made an appointment with a gastro enologist and sent her home with medicine for an ulcer. The Gastro Dr. ordered outpatient procedures to check her stomach and bowels. Again all tests came back normal and we were sent home.

After a while she started feeling better and most days she was making it to school. This week she is home on the couch again. She can barely walk and has complaints of back pain. After everything that has happened over the last couple of months I don’t know what to think. I guess it is possible that she moved wrong and pulled something, but I just can’t help but wonder if this is yet another unexplained medical issue that we are going to have to deal with since her Gardasil shots.

One thing is for sure: she will NOT be getting the third one.

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Hello. I want to tell you about my 11 year old daughter Mikaela and her reaction to Gardasil.

Mikaela went to the doctor for a physical in July 2007. The Dr said she needed a 2nd Varicella vaccine and the new Gardasil vaccine. I thought she was too young for it. I was told it’s better get it now before it’s too late. I read the brochure that was given to me and consented for her to have it. The only side effects mentioned were soreness at the injection site.

There were no immediate side effects.

Approximately 2 weeks later she got a rash on her face, neck and chest. Her face swelled so badly that her eyes were shut. I took her to the doctor and asked if it was poison ivy or something similar. She said No. She thought Mikaela had Lupus so she did blood work and a urine test. Mikaela had protein in her urine. So we were referred to a kidney specialist. The blood results said Lupus was negative. Mikaela was started on steroids for the rash. We did several urine test throughout the following weeks. We saw the specialist. By then the protein was gone. He doesn’t know what caused it.

She started having migraine headaches around the time of the rash, also complaining of fatigue and a stomach ache.

Mikaela received the 2nd dose of Gardasil in September. The migraines, stomach aches and fatigue continued.

She got the last dose of Gardasil in January. The same symptoms continued. I asked to be referred to a endocrinologist to check on her thyroid.

In early February we got to see the endo. We knew she had a goiter but it was small and wasn’t causing any trouble. All of her blood work had been fine. She measured the goiter and checked her TSH levels. They were low. She was prescribed Synthroid.

The fatigue, migraines and stomach aches continued.

On February 29th, while sitting at the computer playing a videogame, she had a seizure. My younger daughter Emily said she was making funny noises (sort of like snoring) then slumped over in the chair. After repeated attempts to yell at her she wouldn’t wake up. She jerked, snapped out of it and started crying. She said she didn’t feel right and didn’t remember anything. She was complaining of a bad headache and stomach ache. I called her paediatrician. She said take her to ER at Children’s Hospital. She was so sleepy. She slept the hour and a half drive to the hospital. She was drowsy while we were there, then slept all the way back. Once we got home she went to bed and slept thru the night. The ER Dr said she had a fainting spell. It wasn’t a seizure since she wasn’t jerking, biting her tongue or falling out of the chair. They did an EKG and sent her home with a seizure booklet.

We followed up with the paediatrician. She said Mikaela simply fell asleep. She agreed with the ER doc about the jerking and etc…. she sent Mikaela for an EEG. Those results were normal.

I told the paediatrician that her migraines are still happening so she scheduled an MRI and referred us to a neurologist. The MRI results showed some swelling in the sinus cavities. He was more worried about all the school days that she has missed (30 so far). He prescribed Maxalt.

She also had a low grade fever for over a month. No explanation why she was having it. It went away about a month ago. Now its back. She is still experiencing daily fatigue. The stomach pains and migraines are happening less.

I blame the Gardasil for causing her problems. This is a child that was normal and healthy before getting the vaccine.

I wont make the same mistake with my younger daughter!!!!

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My name is Julie. I am 26 years old, a mother of 3 lovely kids and wife to a very handsome Man. He would die if he new I just wrote that. Well I was asked to share my story about my negative reaction to Gardasil.

August/September 2007 I went in to see my Doctor for another reason and after hearing that I could get a free Cervical Cancer injection I thought I would ask my Doctor a little about it. She said that it was Safe and that it hurts like a Tetanus shot and that it will stop me from getting Cervical Cancer. I knew that my 26 birthday was coming up in December and I thought I should get it before I have to pay for it. So in the same appointment I had my needle. My 1st injection was very standard, very sore at the site, red and I had a lump for about a week.

Exactly what my Dr told me would happen.

So when it came around to having my 2nd shot I wasn’t worried. I had the Nurse give it to me. That was in Late October 2007.

Two weeks later on a Thursday, after driving home from my friends’ house for dinner, I started getting a really bad pain in my chest. At first I thought Heart Burn but within minutes the pain was so severe I could hardly breathe and I went straight to the Emergency room. I was in an exam room in huge amounts of pain hardly able to breathe when I started getting jerking movements with my arms. The Dr and Nurses put this down to my trouble with breathing. After an ECG I came back clear. I was then given morphine to stop the pain in my chest. This didn’t stop the pain or the jerking; it just made me really high. It was weird I remember laying there thinking ‘man this hurts’ and what is going on with my arms but not really being able to think straight enough to do anything about it.

During this time my blood, urine and blood sugar were taken. I also had a chest x-ray. Because I was still in pain I stayed at the ER and my head, arms and legs were still being thrown around.

At 3am that morning one of the nurses came up to me and asked how I was feeling, I said ‘I am still hurting’ but it was the jerking and tremors that was worrying me. She said ‘What – aren’t you normally like this? ‘No’, I said ‘it started when I got in here.’ I wanted to scream at her! Normally like this! Who is normal like this! Anyway this nurse then got a Dr to come back to me and they gave me a huge dose of anti-seizure medication and some Tremadol. I slept for 3 hrs.

I was waiting for the Ultrasound Department to open and at 9am I was the first in there. They couldn’t find any reason for my pain. And due to the large dose of anti-seizure medication my jerking had stopped. I was sent home with strong pain killers and a ‘sorry we don’t know why you are in pain?’

So I managed to stay Tremor-free and then the pain had completely gone by Friday night. I had been taking Tremadol all Friday as prescribed to me.

Saturday, I was laying in bed and then, as I was waking up and getting ready to get out of bed, my arms and legs started flaying around and my head kept throwing itself back or to the side. Very concerned my husband took me to my GP. She was overbooked so another Dr came and saw me in their treatment room out the back. I couldn’t sit still and I kept banging my head on the wall if I sat straight up in a chair. Walking wasn’t that good as I kept over balancing when my head was thrown back. This Dr (not my GP) prescribed my muscle relaxers and sent me home saying it was in my head because if I try hard enough I could sit still for a second. And I mean a few seconds. I could do as I was asked like raise my arm and hold my hand out and if I did stop it, it felt like I was holding back flood waters. Then when I relaxed, my body went crazy with huge jerks and my head thrown around.

I went home and took my muscle relaxant. But Nothing, I really mean Nothing worked at stopping them. In fact I was getting worse so at 3pm that day I went back to the ER. Now due to the fact that I had been taking Tremadol and one of Tremadol’s side effects is shaking and jerks the Nurses couldn’t get past that fact. Both my husband and I told them over and over that they started before I was given anything on Thursday. At last one Dr came and said, ‘well this worked last time’. So I was given another huge dose of anti-seizure medication and sent home! I don’t remember much of that night I was so out of it.

The next morning I woke with really small twitches but thought that I would be OK. I went off to church, but at 10.45am I was in complete body seizures and I could hardly walk or talk as my whole body was convulsing.

This time I went to a different hospital after dropping my kids at my mother-in-law’s. I spent the rest of that day in the ER waiting for more tests. Again I was given a muscle relaxant. I had a MRI which came back clear as did all other blood and urine tests. That night I was admitted and given muscle relaxant
throughout the night. To be honest the next few days were a bit of a blur.

I was on very strong drugs. My mum flew in from Singapore where she lives and was totally shocked to come into the room and see me like that. By Monday I couldn’t walk without help, I could barely stand up, I had convulsions so bad that I hurt my neck and only just managed to stay on the toilet when needed. And even then I need someone close by in case I fell off. Lying down in bed was my only option. A few times my husband took me for a walk outside but I kept banging my head and back so I returned to my room pretty quickly.

On the Tuesday morning I had an EEG. This was horrible. Not that it hurt or anything it was just so detached, the lady barely talked to me and I didn’t even see the actual Neurologist.

That night, my admitting Dr came to see me at 8.30pm. He said they couldn’t find any reasons as to why I was doing this. And then he said, my GP was probably right it was stress and that he doesn’t know what else to do. I asked him if there was any point to being in the hospital? He said ‘No I guess not.’ So I had my mum and sister help me get dressed and I went home.

I was soo mad!! The stupid thing about the stress thing was that I wasn’t stressed at ALL before the convulsions started. My kids were great, my husband was great, everything was great. So I went home and kept convulsing at home. I wasn’t able to hold my baby for 2 weeks, because I couldn’t be sure I wouldn’t drop her. She would lay with me on my make shift bed in the lounge room, so I didn’t feel left out, throughout the day.

It was around this time that I heard about the negative Gardasil reactions and it all made perfect sense to me. I was so relieved to know that there was a reason apart from my ‘stress’ that supposedly had made my body do this. I went to my GP and she said she didn’t think so but still sent off a form to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). That was really hard.

I had my son who was in Pre-primary but I couldn’t drive to take him there or pick him up. My husband was a God send through all this as were my friends. I had so much help, I was really blessed. I couldn’t drive for about 2 months until I had a whole day without convulsing. I couldn’t risk it.

Throughout November, December and January 2008 I was put on anti-depressants for my ‘stress’. When in February I was still having the seizures, I told my GP, ‘it’s not stress.’ She agreed and took me off the drugs. So by February I was still having convulsions but only for about 15 mins every 3 to 4 hours. They had slowed down. I didn’t really have a treatment plan, I just rested whenever they where bad, well as much as a mother of three can. And they have just gradually slowed down.

So from there to now, in May 2008, I am having a convulsion for about 10 sec every 1-3 weeks. That’s it.

When people ask how I am going I tell them I am great, because I am, compared with how bad I was. The seizures aren’t completely gone but I am getting there. I am telling my story so that people know ALL the facts and all the risks! Especially when it is only a STI Vaccine not a Cervical Cancer CURE!!

And if I had been told the percentages of bad reactions to the vaccine? I would NEVER have taken it! It just isn’t worth it!

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