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Our lives have been turned upside down after Gardasil.

My daughter had a 3.8 GPA without even trying.

She failed all her classes since Gardasil.

My daughters health has been in serious decline since she received her Gardasil injections. Within hours she was vomiting, feverish with a terrible headache. She could not get out of bed for almost 3 weeks. I called the doctor regarding her illness she said she must have received a bad flu shot. She was vaccinated with Gardasil at the same time as the flu vaccine.

She now passes out with any exertion, a simple walk will put her out. She suffers from weakness in her both legs. Soon after the second shot she was crying because her feet were hurting she was diagnosed later with peripheral neuropathy. She could barely walk and was put in 2 com casts to keep her feet from hurting.

She is still experiencing more then 4 migraines a month. She did have continual migraines for almost 3 weeks before they started to taper off.

At the age of 12 she was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary syndrome. The doctor prescribed birth control pills so she would not constantly have her period. The pill was to regulate her because the bleeding was terrible. Will we no longer have that problem because she has not had a period since her first vaccination in November of 2007.

I am sending a list of the symptoms that my daughter has had or is currently suffering from. The good news is that she has only been to the ER twice In the last 2 months.

I attribute these bizarre symptoms and her illness to the Gardasil vaccine. This is a human experiment on our daughters and they have been injured.  I don’t want any other mother to go through what the Gardasil mothers are going through.

Tremors: hand
Migraines at first were almost constant.
Stomach Pain
Chest Pains
Leg Weakness
Brain Fog
Numbness in her feet
Pins / Needles feelings through extremities and stomach
Possible heart issues has been referred to a cardiologist
Light Sensitivity
Fatigue: this is so bad she can barely move
Blisters: never had them before but now she gets them sometimes.
Warts: not genital
Sore Throat: she had her tonsils and adenoids removed November of 2008
Vision Loss
Paralysis: in arm, temporary, after 3rd Gardasil injection
Fainting: once or twice weekly since third vaccination in June of 08, with slurred speech and loss of feeling of legs. However in the last 2 months she has only had two episodes. Maybe there is hope.
Severe flu symptoms: after 1st shot. High Fever chills. Could not get out of bed for 2 to 3 weeks
Aching Muscles: constantly in pain
Menstrual Cycle Changes
Peripheral Neuropathy both feet.
Bloody stool
High blood sugar: before it was always low
Sleep apnea
Degenerative disc disease: this was recently diagnosed


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My daughter, Kristyn, received her first Gardasil shot on January 9th, 2009. Her doctor practically forced it on us and scared my daughter into getting it. My daughter was 15.

Shortly after receiving her first shot, she almost passed out while we were in Wal-Mart.

I thought it was from not eating, so I bought her a candy bar. She had a couple other times where she felt like she was going to pass out after that.

Her second shot was on March 9th, 2009, just one day after her 16th birthday. It was after the second shot that she started complaining of odd things.

Before getting the Gardasil shots, she was a healthy, happy, energetic 16 year old teenager.   After receiving the second shot, she was up all night one night with terrible leg pains in both legs. I figured it was just ‘growing pains’. Then after a few days, she was very dizzy and couldn’t walk straight. I did not realize what was going on until March 20th, 2009.

It was that Friday morning when I received an email concerning Gardasil and what it was doing to other girls. I got an email with a link to a young girl’s video on Youtube. The young girl’s name is Holly. (Her and her mother are both in a yahoo group called Let’s Talk About Gardasil that I’m a member of.) After watching that heart breaking video, I started researching and made the connection with Gardasil and my daughters’ problems.

It just so happened to be that same Friday that we ended up in the Emergency Room with my daughter. She was having leg pains in both legs, tingling in both legs, numbness in both legs and also her left arm. She had terrible weakness all over and just felt like she had no energy. She was in tears with the pain so I took her to the ER.

They did a CT scan and some blood work. They could not find anything ‘wrong’ with her but she kept saying that something was not right. The doctor advised that we not get the third Gardasil shot because she was obviously having a reaction to the vaccine.

I called her doctor’s office on Monday, March 23rd to tell them what was going on and what I had found. They said to bring her right in, so I did.

At first the doctor did not even want to discuss the link that I had found with Gardasil and the 10,000 plus reports that had been reported on VAERS. She dismissed it all and said that it couldn’t be Gardasil. I told her that there was no way that she could positively say that since this vaccine is SO new and had only been clinically tested for 5 years and not on girls from ages 9 thru 15 (that clinical study was stopped before it was concluded).

She did more blood work the next day (Tuesday, March 24th) and said it would be a week before we got the results back. I told her that all of the other girls that are sick or have died (47 deaths the last I checked), all of their tests seem to come back ‘normal’.

During this week, Kristyn got worse. She began to have back pain that went from her neck to her feet, terrible pressure in her head, involuntary muscle jerking, nausea, diarrhea, weight loss, severely tired, chest pains, rib pain, heart racing, I can’t even remember all of her symptoms.

She’s been back to the ER since then (by ambulance because of problems breathing) and has been unable to do her class work since this started. (most of the girls have had to drop out of school because they are SO sick!).

Now she is having problems with her vision and the light hurts her eyes.

I received a call from her doctor’s office telling me that she was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever. They called in Penicillin for her to take. They basically have started acting like they aren’t interested in her.

Kristyn took her full round of penicillin. During the course of the medication, she seemed to feel better. But now that the penicillin is finished, her symptoms have started coming back.

Since this diagnosis, she’s been to other doctors.  Several of them have told me that diagnosing her with Rheumatic Fever would be very hard to do just based on her blood panel results.  So I don’t know if she has/had Rheumatic Fever or not.

Oh I forgot to mention, on January 9th when she got her first Gardasil shot, they also gave her Menactra (which I did not know they were giving her). Since I started researching this I found that Merck only tested Gardasil with Hep B vaccine. The reports of these side effects are off the chart when mixed with Menactra!

Some of these girls are having grand mal seizures, paralysis, pancreatitis, all sorts of STRANGE and unusual diagnosis and symptoms. We’re talking very healthy, active (some even very athletic) girls before Gardasil…now these same girls are very sick and nobody can find out what is going on.

I have an idea of what is going on but I’m no doctor. The Gardasil shots have 225 micrograms of reactive aluminium in each shot. 1 microgram is considered to be toxic!

My daughter has been allergic to nickel since she was born.  Maybe this is why my daughter is suffering, because of the aluminium that’s in the vaccine? A lot of the other girls that are having these types of symptoms are also allergic to costume jewellery, metals, etc.  Maybe THIS is another link?

Why have the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries chosen to experiment with the first ever, large scale application of a new, unproven, genetically modified, inter-species gene mixing vaccine technology on the female youth of an entire generation?

Under the ruse of attempting to eradicate cervical cancer, Merck is actually engaged in the first large scale, real world deployment and testing of genetically modified DNA, genetically engineered proteins and genetics produced by the combining of genetic material from more than one origin or species in a vaccine.

We just want some answers. They need to pull this vaccine off the market and do some further research! Gardasil was fast-tracked through the FDA and is now a mandatory vaccine in several states, with other states following suit.
It is an outrage what is happening to our daughters!

We have had several girls that have been interviewed by the media in several states, and some have been interviewed by their local newspapers. We are trying to get the word out as fast as we can because these doctors are dispensing this GardaHELL like candy every day…and every day that passes is that many more girls that will become very ill.

I did not know of any of this when I allowed that doctor to inject this poison into my daughter’s body. They said it was safe and that she even gave it to her own daughter.

I’ve since found out that most of the girls’ doctors that are sick said the same things to them!

One more thing…the last time we checked VAERS, there was almost 16,000 reports…that’s up from 10,000 since March 24th and they are backlogged, so that number isn’t even correct. And it’s estimated that only 1 to 10% adverse effects are even reported.

My daughter was taking a low dose birth control pill because she was having a ‘heavier than normal’ discharge.  Her doctor put her on the birth control to try and regulate this.

After she started having all of these side effects/reactions, she decided to throw the birth control in the trash.  She didn’t want anything going in her body.
Two weeks after throwing them in the trash, she got pregnant.  Now she is having to go through high risk doctors.  Her health is not good and now she is carrying a baby that could possibly be affected by the Gardasil.

Merck states that Gardasil is not recommended for pregnant women.  They have set up a registry on their site to follow women that get pregnant or are already pregnant and didn’t know it while having the Gardasil vaccine injections.  There are reports of spontaneous abortions and fetal abnormalities in women that were injected with Gardasil.

So not only are we dealing with all of the symptoms that Kristyn has… we are also worried about the baby.

I’m just sick of trying to talk to doctors about the links to Gardasil and hearing ‘it’s not the Gardasil’.  How can they be so certain?  This vaccine is NEW and was only tested for 5 years.  It would just be nice to finally find a doctor that would really look into this!  The doctors just seem to not want to deal with any of us if we even mention Gardasil to them!

I just want my healthy, happy and energetic teenage daughter back!!
Please educate before you vaccinate with the HPV vaccine Gardasil!
Gardasil is hurting and killing our beautiful daughters all over the globe!
My 16 year old daughter is one that has been hurt by getting vaccinated.  And I did not know the dangers beforehand.
Please get informed first!  I wish I had!

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My 12yo daughter, my only child who has received the Gardasil vaccinations is now suffering from a neuromuscular disorder as a result of the vaccine.

She received the Garasil vaccine after our paediatrician recommended it, stating that it was time to start her on the vaccine and it was safe. I only knew that it protected you from several forms of cervical cancer and was also told it was mandatory in some states for girls ages 9-26 and was part of the recommended vaccinations that young girls her age should get.

My child’s reactions started around the 3rd dose. She began losing her balance while performing kick-jumps in karate class in which she had been in for 4 years. I just thought she wasn’t doing the kicks correctly and told her to try harder next time. The loss of her balance continued. She complained of severe cramping in both legs, tingling, pinpricking and nerves jumping in her hands and legs. She started experiencing headaches on and off. Tylenol sometimes minimally relieved the pain.

She had had a growth spurt over the last 3-4 months and I associated the headaches with the onset of puberty. She fainted in that 3-4 month window when her symptoms first began and continues to have weakness and near fainting episodes. She has had pain in her upper back and chest.

Within a couple weeks she started walking oddly. This walk became more prominent and more severe with her swaying from side to side, needing to spread her feet out for a wider base of support in order to carry her body.

I requested the paediatrician to refer my child to orthopaedics, thinking possibly she had a fractured ankle or foot. The paediatrician looked at her feet and ankles only, did not test reflexes or much of anything. The paediatrician flatly refused saying, “Oh no, its nothing more than a podiatry issue; something simple.” I disagreed telling the paediatrician it had nothing to do with podiatry – her feet looked OK, the problem was inside the ankle/foot where there was possibly a broken bone or fine hairline crack. I also mentioned that no x-rays had ever been taken to look for anything.

The paediatrician referred us to a podiatrist. We saw a podiatrist for the next couple of months who moulded her feet for shoe inserts in which insurance did not cover and told her to do foot exercises. He also took x-rays which showed no fracture. My child wore the shoe inserts and did foot exercises but did not get any better. Her ability to walk became worse and the kids at school began making fun of her calling her ‘penguin’.

I would tell my daughter to please try and walk straight as possible putting one foot before the other thinking that somehow she had developed a peculiar walking habit. I bought her better shoes with good soles and support, but nothing seemed to help. Then one day I happened to look at both legs, side by side, not just looking at her feet and ankles. It was quite obvious that one leg was wasting away – the muscles were shrinking and much smaller than the other leg. I knew then that this was serious.

I took her back to the paediatrician and showed her this. At this point, the doctor agreed she needed an orthopaedic referral. Was I ever furious! When we finally did get into to see the Chief of Orthopaedics at the Children’s Hospital he took one look, examined her, watched her walk and told me she has a neuromuscular illness and needed a specialist.

On Christmas Eve we were getting a spine MRI to see if possibly a lesion or something operable was causing the problem. The MRI was normal. From this time, 2 weeks before Christmas, we waited another month just to get the first appointment with a specialist. The appointment actually happened a couple days sooner than the actual set date once I emailed the specialist and asked, “Could my child’s illness be caused from HPV vaccines?” It was almost like a light had been turned on! He immediately phoned me, directed me to bring her to the clinic and plan for admission into the hospital. This is how we got the ball rolling and started figuring out the relationship to Gardasil.

She has had numerous tests to include a spinal tap. My child has now been hospitalized twice since Jan 09 and will be readmitted within the next few days again for another 2-3 days infusion therapy of immunoglobulin. It is thought the HPV vaccines caused her immune system to go into overdrive attacking the peripheral nervous system. The damage so far is in both legs – not just the covering of the nerves called the mylin sheath; but the nerves themselves, called axons.

The diagnosis initially was Chronic Inflammatory Demylinating Polyneuropathy in Jan 09 which is a chronic form of Guillian Barre syndrome. In Feb 09 the discharge diagnosis was similar to the month before being Mixed Axonal Inflammatory Demylinating Polyneuropathy.

This illness resulted from a so-called harmless recommended vaccination that has caused great devastation for my child and family. She doesn’t run or jump, nor does she move very fast at all anymore. She misses school because of the numerous medical appointments or is unable physically to attend.

The medication has side effects as well. I’m blessed that she still has an appetite, but on the other hand she’s gained weight because she’s more sedentary and that puts more strain on her legs.

Every morning I put thick long socks and braces on both of her legs and she holds out her hands so I can pull her up to a standing position so she can walk. In the evening when the braces come off I inspect her feet and legs for pressure points or blisters starting. Some days its too hard for her to carry her backpack to school, so I carry it in for her. The backpack has to be a certain kind with a long strap to place over her head in order to distribute weight evenly or else she’ll fall. She can’t come into the living room which is sunken down one step without falling. We’re working on accommodating for that. I have to constantly remind her to put her stronger leg first when stepping because she falls. She drags her feet and moves slowly. The braces cause fatigue and blisters. She’s recently been remoulded for a second set and hopefully they will work better.

The hospital stays are not the most enjoyable either even though the staff and doctors are great. It is not fun at all for a child to be stuck with needles at all hours, constantly forced to take medication and being woken up from her sleep, not to mention the side effects of the medications. Her life and mine have been devastated.

I blame myself for allowing the paediatrician to give her the HPV vaccines. I didn’t sign a consent form or anything, but I should have stopped them. I just plainly didn’t know the dangers. I thought it was like any other immunization. Had I known, read about it or been told that girls or young women have experienced side effects I surely would never have allowed my child to get this vaccine! Why wasn’t I informed? I’m mad, I’m really mad about that!

I saw the many, many commercials with the young girls, telling us to get the great vaccine that would prevent us from having cervical cancer. I thought, well that’s one disease that I won’t have to worry about my daughter getting. Little did I know that the same vaccine would practically rob her of her legs; and we still don’t know if the disease has stabilized or what else it will bring.

The CDC and FDA need to continue to pay close attention to the numerous serious side effects this drug has caused. They need to investigate it further, and stop the use of Gardasil until further research has been performed and this drug deemed absolutely safe to administer. The research appears to be very limited in the age group 9-14 year olds. Merck should make the research of any drug readily available to all parents and have a completed questionnaire by the parents prior to administration of the HPV vaccine. There should be black box warnings for anyone with a strong history of allergies, environmental allergies, asthma, ezcema, multiple allergies, etc., even if the parent feels their child has outgrown the allergy and meds are not being used anymore.

Parents should be thoroughly informed of risks/benefits and also provide consent in writing prior to administration of the HPV vaccine. We live in the United States. The greatest country in the world. You don’t expect this from the U.S., you might expect it from a 3rd world nation but not the U.S.!

My daughter unfortunately still suffers from this illness and the doctors cannot tell me if she’s going to get better or worse. All we can do is hope and pray, and get the word out. My daughter is beautiful, green eyed pre-teen with long blonde hair who loves all people and living things. She’s fascinated with all animals and insects; lady bugs, cats, horses, and even ants. She can hear a bird chirping when no one else can. She loves art and can sketch perfectly anything she sees. She’s compassionate and always wants to give money or food to the homeless.

She’s asked many times, “Why did this happen to me?” Please make sure you don’t have to answer your child when she asks this difficult and heartbreaking question.

My child is currently being followed by a team of specialists. Hopefully if she’s up to it, she will be attending a summer camp for special needs kids this year. Thank you for your concern and you may contact me for further posts or questions. We’ve got to make people aware of what is going on.


My child just got out of hospital after 5 days getting IV immunoglobulin(IVIg) and high dose IV steroids.  They are trying her on a diabetic drug that has had promising results in patients with motor neuropathies, along with continuation of the steriods for several months and every 30 days she’ll go back into infusion center for IVIg.

Unfortunately she is worsening: the illness is moving upwards, affecting her thighs and hip region now.  The doctors have told me that they don’t know what she has and can only try and treat the symptoms.  They speculate it’s a fast progressive form of ALS; again they’re not sure. ALS (Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease) is an extremely debilitating disease which causes overall body paralysis then death.

The girls that had the HPV shots and are affected with ALS have a fast progressive form of it. Merck should be ashamed. How can they sleep at night knowing they are harming and killing little girls and women?

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I think my daughter may be having a reaction to the Gardasil shots.

Before she started her series of shots my 17 year old daughter was a very outgoing young girl. She attends the local high school along with taking 3 classes at the community college. She is on the swim team, she is an editor for the yearbook, and she is the president of the drama club. And in her spare time when she gets bored she writes a book. She has managed all this in spite of the fact that she is Dyslexic.

She had her first shot in October 08 and sometime after the shot she was complaining of headaches and stomach aches but I dismissed it as stress because of all her activities at school and getting ready for midterm exams.

On 12/22/08 she had her second shot and the complaints increased along with sudden periods of extreme nausea. On 12/29/08 I watched my daughter fall to the ground and have convulsions in front of me as we tried to take our Christmas tree out of our house. It did not last long but it sure did scare me. She has no family or personal history of seizers. My husband and I took her to the local ER and after around 8 hours of tests, the Dr. in the ER told me not to worry about it because healthy young 17year olds do not just start having seizers. They told me she was perfectly healthy and wrote it up as a fainting spell.

After the seizure the headaches became almost constant and her stomach always hurt. When Christmas break was over she was unable to make it to school because she felt so bad. I kept trying to push her back to school. She called me from the school clinic in tears and I took her to her family Dr. By this point my daughter was also complaining of blood in her stool. The doctor ordered an EEG and MRI because of the seizure and made an appointment with a gastro enologist and sent her home with medicine for an ulcer. The Gastro Dr. ordered outpatient procedures to check her stomach and bowels. Again all tests came back normal and we were sent home.

After a while she started feeling better and most days she was making it to school. This week she is home on the couch again. She can barely walk and has complaints of back pain. After everything that has happened over the last couple of months I don’t know what to think. I guess it is possible that she moved wrong and pulled something, but I just can’t help but wonder if this is yet another unexplained medical issue that we are going to have to deal with since her Gardasil shots.

One thing is for sure: she will NOT be getting the third one.

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I am a fit healthy 26 year old woman. I exercise almost everyday, eat a healthy balanced diet, have never smoked or taken drugs and only drink socially. On 15th October last year I experienced my first bout of pancreatitis although at the time, I just thought it was a gastro virus. The stomach pain came on quickly and lasted approximately 24hrs on and off. It was a bloating stomach pain that I have never experienced before and at times I felt as if my stomach was going to explode. When the pain eventually subsided, I experienced chest and shoulder pain for about 24hrs. I went to the doctors to have this checked and she put it down to a virus.

On the 8th February, 2008 I suffered the same stomach pain again followed by chest pains. Two days later this pattern repeated itself. I saw the doctor and again we put it down to being a virus because I’d had the flu the week before and nothing else seemed apparent at the time. The third attack was two months later (20/04/08). This time my doctor decided to test for pancreatitis. My amylase blood result was 792 (normal levels are from 1-100) indicating I had suffered a bout of pancreatitis and indicating that this was the cause of my previous episodes.

My doctor referred me to a gastroenterologist and after several tests (x-rays, CT scans and an MRI) over several months and even a second opinion, no physical causes for pancreatitis have been found (ie. Alcohol, Gallstones, physical defects, increased levels of calcium or triglycerides in my blood etc).

Around this time, my mother heard an ABC radio report that the TGA was investigating three cases of young girls experiencing pancreatitis after having had their Gardasil injections. I checked the dates of my Gardasil injections against the stomach pains. My first injection (04/08/07) was trouble free as far as I can remember. My second, on 06/10/07, was nine days before my first attack and the third on the 17/04/08 was 3 days before my third attack of pancreatitis. I reported this to the TGA and they are still investigating the potential link.

On 24/08/08 (after I’d once again had the flu) I had an attack which was so severe, I was rushed to hospital. My lipase level was 2913 (normal is 1-60) and I was placed on an IV and remained in hospital for four days. Still no cause for the pancreatitis was found.

I have now had 4 attacks of pancreatitis over the past year…two of which occurred days after I received the Gardasil shots. I have never had pancreatitis before and believe the link with the Gardasil injections is not coincidence. I want to highlight the need to investigate this link and hope to raise its profile as more cases may exist however, the women like me, haven’t either identified an attack as pancreatitis or associated the potential link to the Gardasil injections.

Although I currently feel well, the pancreatitis has significantly affected my life over the past year and especially my plans for the future. I was planning on travelling and working overseas next year but now can’t get travel insurance. I would welcome any discussion on the topic as I think women need to be made aware of the risks. Had I known of the potential link to contracting pancreatitis, I would certainly have reconsidered my decision to have the Gardasil injections.

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I received my first and only Gardasil vaccination at the end of April this year. I was at my GP’s for a general check-up, but my doctor mentioned that I would be turning 26 in the next week and it was my last opportunity to have the free vaccine. I have Crohn’s disease, which is an auto-immune disease, although I am on no medication and have been symptom free for two years. I explained to my doctor that I am very careful with what medication I take, because of my Crohn’s, and he told me that Gardasil would not cause an autoimmune reaction. I was told that the only risk was of an allergic reaction. So I had the injection and expected that everything would be fine.

Initially I felt nothing unusual. However within 24 hours I noticed that the numb, sore feeling in my left arm had spread to my shoulder and neck. I had difficulty sleeping that night because it felt as if I had attempted to lift a piano with my left arm. The next day I began to have difficulty breathing, my left side hurt with each breath I took and I began to feel light headed and had difficulty walking. I was also beginning to notice that my left hand and left toes were beginning to cramp and curl up.

I went straight to my doctor due to my difficulty breathing. I nearly passed out in the waiting room. The doctor was spectacularly unhelpful. I was told to go home and have two Panadol. I later found out that he believed I was having a panic attack and it was all in my head. So I went home and continued to wheeze and popped painkillers.

When I woke up the next morning I was unable to stand. My left side, from my hand down to my foot, was curled up and was continuously cramping. At this point I probably should have gone to the hospital, however I was so frustrated with the reaction of my GP I didn’t feel it would be particularly useful. I was in bed for the next five days and was unable to walk further than the kitchen. I had incredibly sore muscles all down my left side, couldn’t take a normal breath and had cramps and pain from my neck down to my feet.

I felt that I was getting better the week after that. But two weeks after receiving the injection it became so difficult to breathe and so painful that I went to straight to the emergency room. I was very frightened at this point. Two weeks before I had been fit and healthy, and by this stage I was limping around the house like a stroke victim, wheezing and worried I was suffocating.

At the hospital I underwent x-rays, blood tests and an MRI. I was told that the lining of my left lung had become so inflamed that it was rubbing against my chest wall each time I breathed. My right lung was fine. I had the Head Consultant looking after me, and he was very certain that I must have had some mysterious unfindable virus, and that the pain in my arm and leg was referred pain from the pain in my lung and that Gardasil had been tested and was safe. I was released with no diagnosis other than ‘pleurisy’ and more pain killers.

I was sick for so long. All up I took two months off work, unpaid. I barely got out of bed for a month. Breathing was painful for at least two months. I forgot what it was like to breath without pain. I became depressed. When I did go back to work, I was completely exhausted and became stressed very easily. It took five months before I could work a full five day week. My left side was a mess. When the pain in my lung decreased a little, I became very aware of the ongoing pain and numbness in my left side. I saw a neurologist who confirmed that I had neurological damage to my left side, five months after receiving the injection.

I can now catch things with my left hand, but it is still colder than my right and quite clumsy. I can no longer play the few chords I used to be able to on the guitar. For four or five months I felt as if my left side was suffering from MS. My co-ordination has only returned slowly, like I’ve suffered a stroke at the age of 26. If it had been my right side as well as my left I would have needed a wheelchair.

It’s been seven months since I received the injection and I am still feeling exhausted far more easily than I used to. I no longer run to work and I don’t have any energy for much of a social life. I work a full week and then a four day week each fortnight and just make it through it. My left side is getting there slowly. I still feel far flatter than normal, as if some important neuro-transmitters have been all used up. I have never been so sick, and I still have not received any diagnosis other than ‘an auto-immune reaction, resulting in inflamed lining of the left lung and nerves on the left side, with a temporal connection to Gardasil injection’.

I was incredibly angry at the various doctors at one point, now I simply feel resigned. They do not know what damage this vaccine does and they do not really want to know. I still haven’t had the guts to look into all the damage it has done – I have not yet gone to the gynaecologist. I am worried that I will have one or all strands of HPV. Given that all my other linings have become inflamed it seems unlikely that my cervical lining fared any better.

To get myself back at it, I’ve done what I did when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which is to visit my awesome acupuncturist whenever I can afford it, eat very well, eat a lot of anti-inflammatory herbs and food (fish oil, ginger, tumeric, saffron), and drink a lot of water.

The truth is that western medicine does not seem to understand immune disorders and this vaccine seems to cause immune reactions – so I never had much hope that any doctor would cure me. Obviously my existing auto-immune disorder put me at a higher risk of having such a severe reaction to Gardasil. If I had been aware that this vaccine causes auto-immune reactions, there is no way I would have taken it.

My advice is that if you have a history of auto-immune disorders or a family history of such disorders, whether it’s just irritable bowel syndrome or MS or rheumatoid arthritis, DO NOT HAVE THIS VACCINE. I believe that if I had had my second dose, it probably would have killed me. I hope that as more information comes out, less women will suffer from these side effects.

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My daughter, Elisabeth, is a month from 13 years old. She had her second Gardasil shot on 10/8/08 while under the weather with a sore throat. I did not even think about side effects. I trust my doctor and many of her friends have had it. Anyway, starting on Nov 1 (3 weeks from the shot) my daughter began having stabbing pains in random places throughout her body. The first week or two they were painful and annoying but somewhat infrequent throughout the day. They progressively got worse and more frequent. After two to three weeks of these pain, she was nonfunctional. In the evening, she lay on my lap and cried, at times squeezing my hand so hard I thought she would break it. One day I had her keep a log so I could quantify the pains. She did not go more than 20 minutes without a stabbing pain. Most often they were cycling: one in her thigh, then her neck, then her arm, toe, etc. Evenings and nights were very hard and pain medication made no difference (tylenol with codine did nothing). The autoimmune blood work came back negative. We had an MRI done, but I have not received the results yet.

In the process of searching the web, I began to think that perhaps it is a reaction to Gardasil. Several girls in our neighborhood have had weird neurological symptoms that came on suddenly and were severe. I am in the process of talking with the moms to determine if they too had the Gardasil shot. My husband teaches at a high school and when he mentioned our daughter’s situation, all the girls jumped in and said that they all suffered weird pains like this after the shot. I am going to try to collect info from their parents to see if I can get some back up on this. I think that since the symptoms did not occur until 3 weeks afterward, many would not connect it to Gardasil, so they don’t report it or connect the dots. Proving causal relationships is close to impossible with these types of things, which lets the companies get off the hook. But we need to keep pushing.

My daughter’s pain has significantly decreased. It is almost completely gone. So the reaction seems to have lasted a month. She seems to be having just mild pains now and much less frequently. I just hope that my story can encourage someone. You begin to think you are crazy but you know your daughter and know that something is wrong.


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