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I thought getting the hpv vaccination was a good idea for myself. I had tested negative for hpv for years. I got my first two injections without any side effects. Then I had the third one, again no reaction.

I want to explain that I have an autoimmune disorder and have been on immuno suppressive therapy off and on for years. I don’t understand why my doctor would recommend the gardasil vaccine especially with me being drug sensitive. Gardasil is advertised as purified protiens from the hpv virus, something that can not cause hpv.

Exactly two and a half months after the last injection of Gardasil I got a small growth in my groin. My doctor said it was a skin tag because my pap tested negative for hpv. I went ahead and had it removed and biopsied, turns out it was a genital wart. I hadn’t had sex in over a year and my minimum exposure would have been a year and nine months. I do not believe I got the HPV from a partner. With having an autoimmune disorder I doubt hpv could hide out in my body for almost two years.

The autoimmune disorder I have is RA, rheumatoid arthritis. After Gardasil, my arthritis basically went crazy. I ended up getting fluid on my knees which I had not had in 7 years and the arthritis progressed to the point I could barely move. I’ve had to go on an IV drug to try and get it back under control. It has been a year now.

I’ve been researching Gardasil and Hpv like mad. What I have found is really very surprising too. I think that gardasil prays on peoples fears, which is why I got the medicine. I was told only that I could get a headache or feel nauseated after the injections. But after reading about low risk hpv, people with high levels of vitamin c, b, Zinc, folic acid, and e tend to be at a lower risk of getting it. As well as the body usually clears itself of it within 2 years after exposure and it becomes non contagious. Their are also herbals that can make it go dormant.

I now regret the day I got the Gardasil vaccine. I don’t know of anyone else that has had these problems so I thought I would send this in.


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