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For those who are interested, new articles have been added to the background information page. See:

  • CBS4’s article on adverse effects to Gardasil
  • Pam Martens on the corruption behind the push to make Gardasil mandatory for young girls in the USA
  • Pam Marten on doubts about the effectiveness of Gardasil in preventing cervical cancer
  • Pam Martens on the disinformation of the Gardasil marketing campaign
  • Ruth Beran on Ian Frazer’s (so-called inventor of Gardasil) patent problems

Also, Em updated me on her daughter’s recovery from stomach pains (among other things). See the end of her story.

Thankyou to those who are sending us their stories and commenting.


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My Daughter Shelby (14) had the Gardasil Shot. She was fine for a short while, then started to vomit everyday for a month, with a low grade fever, abdominal pain and fatigue. The pain increased and was unbearable in her abdomen and in her back and she was hospitilized for a week. During that time her kidneys started to shut down.

They tested her for everything under the sun, Head MRI, Abdominal/Pelvic Cat Scans, tests for Lupus, Chrohns, Mono, Strep, Carcinoids syndrome, Endoscopy and Colonscopy to name just a few. She also started to develop a strange bright red rash on her face, neck and chest. She also developed high blood pressure during this time and had to be put on blood pressure meds.

After her release the abdominal pain lessened, however, she had periods throughout the day where she felt as if she was going to pass out. The rashes continued. Extreme fatigue. Then the abdominal pain started again. It was awful to have it return when we thought she was on the road to recovery. She would curl herself up in a ball and scream, it hurt so bad. She was again hospitalized. The pain always started in her upper left hand side of her abdomen. The doctor said that nothing was technically there, but they repeated the MRI, and did a stomach emptying test. None of the tests showed anything.

The doctors started to say that she was “Stressed” out, and needed a psych consult, because they couldn’t find anything. (Doctors cop out when they can’t identify the cause.) This encounter left Shelby sobbing. She left the hospital still in pain with no diagnosis. It was heartbreaking.

Our family in California urged us to try to find someone there to help Shelby (we are from Omaha), so we packed up the kids and went over there. She had severe abdominal pains when we first arrived there and ended up in the emergency room once again, CAT Scan negative. She was ill for three months straight in and out of hospitals, doctors offices, and specialists.

She is finally doing better, with the help of a nutritionist, who had to do intensive work with her, both Chiropractic, and supplemental to repair a condition called Intestinal Permeabilty or Leaky Gut. Her body basically was so inflammed and ill, that when she ate her body thought that the food or was some type of an invader and her immune system was fighting to respond to it.  It was just so over-run with these toxins that it couldn’t handle normal functions.  It was awful to watch her go through.  Some traditional doctors are so short minded that if they don’t find a typical diagnosis they just stop looking.  Thank God for other options.

Please do not allow any doctor to give this medication to your girls. It has been a horrible struggle for our daughter and our family as a whole. Research, read testimonies. It has not been proven, most doctors don’t know anything about this shot. They only know what Merck is releasing, which paints a very rosy picture. This picture doesn’t show how truly devastating this drug is. It is destroying lives. Many girls are affected worse than my daughter.

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If readers have any contacts for Mahendra, please comment on this post and I will send her the details.

Hi. A friend of mine’s 13 year old daughter took gardasil, and has since become wheelchair bound and may be in terminal stages of a motor neuron disease. Are you familiar with any other teenage girls who have been vaccinated with Gardasil and suffered serious neurologic complications (partial paralysis, numbness, seizures, involuntary trembling,…), especially ones where they have found successful treatment to stem or reverse deterioration? We are in a race against time, and we are trying to find similar cases, so we can pool the information of doctors, and find the best treatment for all the girls.



California, USA

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Anita put me on to this blog which contains lots of comments from many women discussing their experiences of side effects from Gardasil.

Thanks Anita. Most interesting.

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Anita (see her story) set up a group where women who experienced side effects from Gardasil or who had a loved one who received Gardasil can share their stories. Anita welcomes these people to join her group at:

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Hello. I want to tell you about my 11 year old daughter Mikaela and her reaction to Gardasil.

Mikaela went to the doctor for a physical in July 2007. The Dr said she needed a 2nd Varicella vaccine and the new Gardasil vaccine. I thought she was too young for it. I was told it’s better get it now before it’s too late. I read the brochure that was given to me and consented for her to have it. The only side effects mentioned were soreness at the injection site.

There were no immediate side effects.

Approximately 2 weeks later she got a rash on her face, neck and chest. Her face swelled so badly that her eyes were shut. I took her to the doctor and asked if it was poison ivy or something similar. She said No. She thought Mikaela had Lupus so she did blood work and a urine test. Mikaela had protein in her urine. So we were referred to a kidney specialist. The blood results said Lupus was negative. Mikaela was started on steroids for the rash. We did several urine test throughout the following weeks. We saw the specialist. By then the protein was gone. He doesn’t know what caused it.

She started having migraine headaches around the time of the rash, also complaining of fatigue and a stomach ache.

Mikaela received the 2nd dose of Gardasil in September. The migraines, stomach aches and fatigue continued.

She got the last dose of Gardasil in January. The same symptoms continued. I asked to be referred to a endocrinologist to check on her thyroid.

In early February we got to see the endo. We knew she had a goiter but it was small and wasn’t causing any trouble. All of her blood work had been fine. She measured the goiter and checked her TSH levels. They were low. She was prescribed Synthroid.

The fatigue, migraines and stomach aches continued.

On February 29th, while sitting at the computer playing a videogame, she had a seizure. My younger daughter Emily said she was making funny noises (sort of like snoring) then slumped over in the chair. After repeated attempts to yell at her she wouldn’t wake up. She jerked, snapped out of it and started crying. She said she didn’t feel right and didn’t remember anything. She was complaining of a bad headache and stomach ache. I called her paediatrician. She said take her to ER at Children’s Hospital. She was so sleepy. She slept the hour and a half drive to the hospital. She was drowsy while we were there, then slept all the way back. Once we got home she went to bed and slept thru the night. The ER Dr said she had a fainting spell. It wasn’t a seizure since she wasn’t jerking, biting her tongue or falling out of the chair. They did an EKG and sent her home with a seizure booklet.

We followed up with the paediatrician. She said Mikaela simply fell asleep. She agreed with the ER doc about the jerking and etc…. she sent Mikaela for an EEG. Those results were normal.

I told the paediatrician that her migraines are still happening so she scheduled an MRI and referred us to a neurologist. The MRI results showed some swelling in the sinus cavities. He was more worried about all the school days that she has missed (30 so far). He prescribed Maxalt.

She also had a low grade fever for over a month. No explanation why she was having it. It went away about a month ago. Now its back. She is still experiencing daily fatigue. The stomach pains and migraines are happening less.

I blame the Gardasil for causing her problems. This is a child that was normal and healthy before getting the vaccine.

I wont make the same mistake with my younger daughter!!!!

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Dear Gertrude Green and Renate Klein,

I was one of the many Australian girls who received the Gardasil vaccine through my high school (White’s Hill State College, Brisbane). I was 17 at the time and had not been informed properly about all the side effects that could have happened to me. I also did not know that in having the Gardisil shot that I was still not 100% protected from still getting cervical cancer and that I would still need to get Pap smear checks.

I had just got my shot and we had to sit for 10mins after we got our shot. I went and sat down and this girl in the year below me came and sat down beside me. After a little while a friend of the girl who was sitting by me ran up to one of the ladies who were giving us the injections and yelled, “there’s something wrong with my friend”. I looked over at the girl and she was so pale. Her eyes had rolled back into her head and the head was just rolling around on the chair. The lady who was giving injections immediately got up and pushed all the chairs aside and started first aid on the girl. After that we all got sent outside. I was terrified at what I saw and also that what ever just made that girl have a fit was in me.

When I went for my second injection the girl was there again lining up for it. This time we all had to sit outside to wait for the 10 minutes to pass. After I got it done I went outside, waiting for the time to pass. Some of my friends came out and said that they had let the girl get her injections again and that she had a fit again and had vomited.

Thanks for the information on this blog. I will let my friends know about it and try to spread the word.


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