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Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am 26 years old.

I have had problems in the past with cervical cancer cells, resulting in 2 lots of different laser treatment to try to eliminate the problem. When I heard about the Gardasil injection, I thought I don’t want to have to go through another treatment again, so lets look into it. I went and saw my local GP who found out the in’s and out’s of the injection and advised me that I was a prime candidate to receive it.

After the first, I started to notice a few changes: nausea, fatigue, mood changes, weight gain, etc.

When I received the 2nd injection, everything just fell apart. I went from a very happy, out-going person to a moody, irritable, constantly sick person. I had a really good full time job, in which I was managing a small business. I had to drop back to 3 days a week, and even that was to much to handle. I was so exhausted all the time. Even with the vomiting and loss of appetite, I gained 10kgs in 3 weeks. I was bloated, had severe migraines, dizziness, chest pains and mood swings. But the best of all was the rash.

I broke out in a huge rash overnight, which started on my face and continued down to my toes. It wasn’t your normal rash: they were huge open weeping blisters. The only comfort I could get from them was to cover myself in methelayted spirits; it was the only thing that would take away the itch.

The first doc I saw told me I had a shaving rash and I should use a different method of hair removal. The 2nd doc told me to leave his office as he didn’t want to know about it! Then I went to see a dermatologist who told me I had mental issues and to go and see a therapist.

The only help I did receive was from a naturopath in Sydney who put me on a heavy program to boost my system and it was the only thing that improved my problems.

I have to admit, several times through all of this ordeal I was so down and depressed, I did think about ending it all. I was just at my wits end!

This was nearly 12 months ago. Today I am feeling ok, I have my good and bad weeks. The rash has still continued, and my legs are so scared now I will never be able to wear anything short again.

I want to share this story with all the young girls out there wondering about getting this injection. I want you to see what it can do to you. They have not done enough research on this injection to see if it actually does work, there is no proof that it works. I would much rather go and have a pap smear, then go through the pain I have had with this injection. It is not worth it.



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